DGT Chess Club

Enschede, The Netherlands
23 maj 2019
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Are you in textiles? ;o)
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Ask me about Loom
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Anyone used both the "old" DGT boards with mini-USB/BT and compared them to the speed of the new ones with USB-C and can chime in on the difference? Does the sensors really pick up the moves that much quicker? Thx :)
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Hi guys, we are a beautiful Lichess Team playing with E-Boards (DGT, Millennium ...), the Matches have a time of 25min + 5s per move. We had a lot of fun tonight participating in the fourth tournament! Sign up in large numbers to this Link: https://lichess.org/team/e-boards-chess-club Thank you!
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@Toni_Libralon - I’ve joined the Lichess e board group. Just having trouble keeping my pant dry with all of the excitement. Can you join the tournament through the white prawn app? Thanks , happy gnome
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