Team USA Southeast

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4 dhj 2008
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(Update: We are now the top team in the US, and we’re charging up the team leaderboard as our 3,000 teammates are actively engaged in some 200 matches. Please  know that teams are limited in the number of invites they can send out each day, and our team very carefully picked you to invite to join us!)

Welcome to Team USA Southeast. Our hound dogs are woofing on the recruiting trail today, looking for new friends who'd like to join our community for fun, friendship,  and all the team matches you can fit in the back of a pick-up. We’re happy you stopped by and invite you to come on in for some good ol’ fashioned Southern hospitality. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to join our club. All we ask is that you respect this land of history and beauty that we hold dear to our hearts and call home. It’s our pleasure and privilege to represent the Southland which stretches from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, right up through the Chesapeake to Washington, D.C., from the Ohio River up north down to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, and from the Atlantic Coast of the Carolinas across to the mighty Mississippi and far beyond to Texas and the Rio Grande.

We take seriously the honor of representing the South, to speak of our pride and love for this land, by being a friendly club, welcoming and hospitable, appreciative of all our members. So come on in and enjoy the friendship, Southern rock music videos, lots of laughs, and those team matches we like to win. Bring your hound dog and fishin’ pole, the missus and the cat are welcome too. On match days, team uniform of bib overalls and bare feet are recommended, but not required, and one of these days we'll have that sleep over and possum roast in our ol' team cabin in the back woods of Alabama.