The Great Minds.

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29 pri 2020
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My name is Jane. I am a Super Admin for the Great Minds club. In all the clubs here at, what sets TGM apart? Off hand, I can think of three differences.

First, we are not geared towards being the strongest club. We do compete, we like winning, who doesn't. We, however, aim at building TGM as a club. So we are one of the chill out clubs here, but when we compete, we give our all. We have snagged several Multi Club Arena Medals as well as Tournament awards because our strongest chose to lend their strength and we make sure to be grateful.

Second, we like to organize special events that some players might find rather ridiculous, but fun nonetheless. We have organized Chess Train in December (Puzzle Battle). This month we are organizing The Battle of the Chess Greats (Chess Greatest Players as avatars). Next month, we might do season two of Chess Spies (lets see how it goes).

Third, we make sure to provide avenue for recognition. Small events, short news notices. We make sure to brag about best practices and amazing TGM people.

I hope to invite like minded team mates to TGM. Chess players who like competing but chill, who chose their battles, but when they do, give their all. If you think this is true, please join us. I would be happy to see you around. 


Jane Panda
Chess enthusiast, Super Admin, Lover of Manga, Makers of TGM Special Events!