Exploiting Opening Errors 3

Exploiting Opening Errors 3

Calculate advanced tactics to refute opening mistakes!

This is the third and final course on opening errors. Are you ready for some advanced training? What do you do when your opponent gets greedy in the opening? Have you seen a suspicious move and wondered how to punish it? This course will give you practice punishing dubious and materialistic play!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to punish the most common opening mistakes!
  • Practice tactics that can help you in any opening!
  • Work on getting an advantage right out of the opening and winning quickly against common opening mistakes!

"So far my favorite lessons are these ones!" - Chess.com member overfractured

Dubious Novelty 1

Welcome to the course, and let's hit the ground running! White to move.
2 Sfida

Dubious Novelty 2

Even super-GMs mess up their theory now and then, as GM Nepomniatchi did here.
3 Sfida

Too Natural 2

White has misplayed a somewhat innocuous-looking opening.
3 Sfida


Black has underestimated his opponent's chances in this sharp position.
2 Sfida

Sharp Lopez

In a dynamic looking position, Black has erred by playing exd4 too early. How should White react?
2 Sfida

Faulty Move Order

In a standard-looking fianchetto Grunfeld, White has played Nc3 before it is usual.
2 Sfida

Spoiled Structure

Black has neglected development but is relying on the position being solid. How should White proceed?
3 Sfida

Positional Aggression

In a standard looking Scheveningen Sicilian, White has played Nb3 far earlier than normal
1 Sfidë

Lack of Development

Black has neglected development. How should White react?
2 Sfida

Exploiting Opening Errors 3

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