Guide to the Alekhine's Defense

Guide to the Alekhine's Defense

Surprise your opponent with a counter-attack on move one!

Are you tired of deep theory in many main lines? Why not start making threats from the very first move? Join NM Sam Copeland as he demonstrates the exciting and practical Alekhine's Defense, an opening that he has played successfully for years. Play Like World Champion Alekhine and start winning exciting games today!

Here is what you will learn

  • Learn how to let White build up a pawn center and then undermine it.
  • Learn how to get counterplay against every main line White can try.
  • Learn a complete defense to 1.e4, including various sidelines.

"I'm an expert who has had a rating over 2200 on here and I've watched probably 100 videos on chess openings. This might the best video I've seen yet, and this whole series is probably the best I've seen. The suggested variations are truly the best and the ones that will give you the best chances to outplay your opponent. WELL DONE SAM." - Chess.com member Oakwoodcc

Alekhine's Defense: The Modern Variation

Are you interested in original chess and maybe not so much theory? Alekhine's Defense is perfect for you. In this video, learn about the Modern Variation, which is playable all the way up to the top levels of chess.
14 min
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Alekhine's Defense: Corralling The Exchange

The Exchange Variation is White's simplest option against Alekhine's Defense, but it may also be the best. Learn the simple route to a good position and easy counterplay in this lesson.
16 min
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Alekhine's Defense: Neutralizing The 4 Pawns Attack

If you've tried Alekhine's Defense, you've probably been a little scared when your opponent pushed all four center pawns to jumpstart the attack. But don't fear—NM Sam Copeland tells you the secrets to counteract this aggression and emerge with a better position.
12 min
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Alekhine's Defense: Chase Variation

The Chase Variation is like a pitchfork: dangerous, but it has some gaps. The pawn structure even looks like a pitchfork early in the game! Learn to dodge White's attacks and punish White's poor structure in this video.
13 min
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Alekhine's Defense: How To Punish 2. Nc3

The move 2.Nc3 is one of the most popular sidelines against Alekhine's Defense. White players seeking to avoid theory often pick this line, but NM Sam Copeland shows how to punish this choice with tricks and transpositions.
19 min
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Alekhine's Defense 6: Sidelines

Learn your way around White's less popular but still poisonous options against Alekhine's Defense in this video discussing all those variations you are liable to see just once or twice in a blitz game.
10 min
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Guide to the Alekhine's Defense

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