Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Learn the opening that Magnus Carlsen used to defend his world championship title!

Do you want to know why the Sicilian Sveshnikov was the opening Magnus Carlsen used to defend his World Championship Title? Walk you through the key ideas and move orders behind this amazing counterattacking opening Start playing the Sveshnikov today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Watch a video explaining the key tactical and positional ideas behind the Sveshnikov!
  • Practice thematic Sveshnikov tactics!
  • Play through a key game from the 2018 World Championship, where Carlsen's Sveshnikov brought him one step closer to winning the match!

"I thoroughly enjoyed this info on the Sveshnikov, which has been a great addition to my opening repertoire!" - Chess.com member NiiLoC

Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Learn the essentials of the Sicilian Sveshnikov with an educational video on move order, pawn structures and the key themes to know.
15 min
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Sicilian Sveshnikov Thematic Tactics

The Sveshnikov is a complicated opening with numerous tactical opportunities for both sides. See if you can find winning tactics for Black and White.
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Sicilian Sveshnikov Model Game: Caruana - Carlsen

The Sveshnikov was an essential opening in the 2018 World Championship Match between Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen. See if you can find the moves from a key game in the tie-break portion of the match.
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