Pawn Structures That Win

Pawn Structures That Win

Learn pawn structures that will give you an easy game!

Have you ever wondered what is a good pawn structure and what isn't? Have you ever wondered if a specific pawn push is good or bad? Then this is the course for you! Life is easier when your pawns are working for you. Join GM Aman Hambleton as he demonstrates structures that can give you an edge. Start using these great pawn structures today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn the strategies for both sides in the famous Maroczy Bind!
  • Learn how to suffocate your opponent's bishop with a powerful pawn chain.
  • Learn how Black frequently gains an edge in Sicilian endgames!
  • Learn about the useful but lesser-known e3 Maroczy.
  • Learn how to quickly play for a win by doubling your opponent's f-pawns.

"Thank you so much! I will try to build that structure (Maroczy Bind) and see how it works." - Abiyoma

Pawn Structures That Win: The Maroczy Bind

One of the most famous structures that can cause headaches for your opponent is the Maroczy Bind! GM Aman Hambleton shows how to dominate the center and take over the game with pawns on c4 and e4.
9 min
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Pawn Structure That Win: The f3-e4 Chain

The symetrical pawn structures out of the Queen's Gambit Accepted might seem drawish, but GM Hambleton demonstrates how a well-placed pawn chain can give you an edge!
8 min
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Pawn Structures That Win: The Sicilian Endgame

Why is the Sicilian such a popular opening? One reason is that Black's half-open c-file and active pieces can lead to great endgames. GM Aman Hambleton explains the key ideas!
9 min
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Pawn Structures That Win: The e3 Maroczy

In many openings, one side can gain a space advantage with a pawn on c4. against one on d6. That space advantage might not seem like much, but GM Aman Hambleton shows how the space advantage can cause headaches for even the strongest opponents.
9 min
5 Sfida

Pawn Structures That Win: Doubled F-Pawns

It's unusual for Black to gain a big positional advantage right out of the opening. Watch out how GM Aman Hambleton recommends Black to damage White's structure in the English Opening. You can try this plan in other openings too, so it's a great one to have in your toolkit.
10 min
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Pawn Structures That Win

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