The Funniest Chess Games of All Time

The Funniest Chess Games of All Time

Laugh and learn about some of the craziest moments in chess history!

Are you looking to laugh at some crazy chess games and learn at the same time? Follow along with this unique course by IM Konstantin Kavutskiy as he explores some of the strangest and funniest chess games ever played. Learn about these strange and hilarious chess games today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How did Hikaru Nakamura trick Rybka, the strongest chess engine of its time?
  • What's the fastest stalemate of all time?
  • What happens if you try to copy your opponent's moves for too long?
  • How did Hikaru Nakamura's funny underpromotion backfire?
  • How can you win a game without capturing a piece?

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Nakamura Toys With Rybka

Is this the most famous man-vs-machine online game ever? Hikaru Nakamura turns the computer engine Rybka into his digital clown in a game that will have you laughing as much as learning.
9 min
5 Sfida

Winning a Game with No Captures!

The legendary GM Gligoric won a serious tournament game in 29 moves without any captures being made by either side. Find out how he used a clever trap to win in this very amusing game review
7 min
5 Sfida

No Draw!

How many times can a chess position repeat until it's a draw? If you answered three, you obviously haven't seen this hilarious game from the Dutch championship.
7 min
5 Sfida

The Random Stalemate

Surprise! It's stalemate on the board after a shockingly low number of moves. Was this one of the greatest chess failures ever, or did the players do it on purpose to make a draw?
5 min
5 Sfida

This Is Why You Never Play Copy Cat

They say cats have nine lives, but in chess you can be sure that copy cats don't. Learn why you should never mirror your opponent's moves in this hilarious lesson.
7 min
5 Sfida

Nakamura's No Good Underpromotion

Underpromotion is brilliant when it works, but is regretful when it fails. Hikaru Nakamura's unnecessary underpromotion created complications that eventually cost him the game in this tragically funny episode.
14 min
5 Sfida

The Funniest Chess Games of All Time

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