The Technique of Calculation

The Technique of Calculation

Learn to calculate like a Grandmaster!

Have you ever wondered how a grandmaster calculates? Then this is the course for you! In this series, we will test your ability to calculate complex variations featuring a variety of tactical themes and checkmates. You'll be asked to find the best moves in games of chess legends such as David Bronstein, Robert Fischer, and Vladimir Kramnik. Are you up to the challenge? Start calculating like a grandmaster today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to make sense of complex positions!
  • Practice calculating combinations!
  • Learn from the best games of past legends and modern players!

Bronstein Strikes! - Part 1

This position was reached in the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959. David Bronstein was one of the best tactical players of all time.
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Bronstein Strikes! - Part 2

We will continue to analyze the position from the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959.
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Bronstein Strikes! - Part 3

We continue analyzing the game Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959 because there were many more interesting variations that you had to calculate!
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Bronstein Strikes! - Part 4

We conclude the analysis of Olafsson-Bronstein, Moscow 1959. See if you saw everything!
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A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 1

Another interesting game, and again a bunch of variations must be calculated. Take your time and be patient. Try to find all the best lines!
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A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 2

We continue to analyze Vasiukov-Matanovic, Skopje 1970. For the next few lessons we will see what happens if Black doesn't accept the sacrifice.
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A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 3

We continue analyzing the game Vasiukov-Matanovic, 1970. Here we examine what happens after 1...Qf7.
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A Brilliant Deflection! - Part 4

Here we will conclude our analysis of Vasiukov-Matanovic, looking at 1...Be2.
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Exploiting the Dark Squares

The following position is taken from the game Sadler-Kramnik, Monaco 1998. Can you find Kramnik's winning combination?
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Exploiting a Lead in Development

In one of Fischer's most famous games he demonstrates what you should do when your opponent's king is stuck in the center.
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The Technique of Calculation

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