Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops

Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops

Don't let opposite-colored bishops doom you to drawn games!

Do you think that all opposite-colored bishop endgames are draws? GM Ben Finegold is ready to show us how to discover fighting chances and how to use imbalances to win! Ben shares one of his own endgame squeezes against a fellow GM and two of the most famous endings ever by GM Shirov and world champion Botvinnik. Start winning opposite-colored bishop endings today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how GMs like Ben fight for every little advantage!
  • Learn from GM Shirov playing one of the most amazing moves of all time!
  • Learn how Mikhail Botvinnik won in a position that looked easy to defend!

"A splendid endgame. Brilliant and thanks for sharing. I am learning a lot!" - Chess.com member chelseaarebest17

Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops Part 1

GM Finegold is back with his usual mix of humor and insight. He even makes seemingly lifeless endgames fun to watch! Today he will make so many king moves "you'll get dizzy." The grandmaster beats a world youth champion despite the position looking defensible. You'll also hear what his advice is when playing against young stars. But the big question is, what obscure 1980s movie reference will he slip into his commentary?
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Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops Part 2

In part 2 of GM Finegold's series, he has a trick that even Houdini can't perform - neither Harry nor the silicon version! It's one of the most famous single moves of all-time. The exhaustive analysis shows it was the best move, but how far in advance did Alexei Shirov see the idea? If anyone tells you that opposite colored bishop endings are boring, show them this remarkable game!
18 min
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Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops Part 3

You can hear it in his voice. GM Finegold loves the unpredictable - namely when a seemingly drawn opposite colored bishop ending turns out to be winning. Here he shows the brilliant multiple breakthroughs of Mikhail Botvinnik, a reigning world champion that was nearly left off the Soviet Olympiad team. What better way to prove your worth than play an endgame for the ages? Finegold rates it even higher than Shirov's incredible game from Part 2!
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Winning With Opposite Colored Bishops

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