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BostonBlitz’s Blog

    • Blitz will ring Philly Bell

      (Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca) The Boston Blitz face the eastern division leader Philadelphia Inventors who are currently undefeated... and deservedly so.  A win would bring the Blitz right back into the thick of things… a loss would… well... | Read More

    • No "Closer" in ARZ - BOS draw

      (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) Those of us in the New England area surely remember the fiasco that was the Boston Red Sox "Closer by Committee".  The lesson learned was that if you have two closers... then you have none... and that's just the pro... | Read More

    • Smushed! Applesauce Ovah Blitz (1.5 - 2.5)

      Can you think of anything smushier than Applesauce?... I can't.  And to get squashed... and ground into smushiness by the Manhattan Applesauce is... well... just... just.. Smushiniferously embarassing.  But, that's just what the Blitz did... get... | Read More

    • Ouch! a Sting can hurt!

      (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) After last weeks poor performance, a (1.5 - 2.5) drudging at the hands of the smushy Applesauce, the Blitz find themselves in a true must win... if they hope to contend this season.  Yes, they have dug themselves a ... | Read More

    • Blitz vs Applesauce

      Next up... Applesauce... as in Manhattan.       All Time Series Record: (Boston leads 7 - 2) Starts at 7:40 PM EST, Weds., 9/03 Is it too early for a "Must win"... well, maybe... but, this is certainly a "Must not lose" match. Boston Blit... | Read More

    • Snow in Hades? Bos - NY draw.

      Did'ja ever have one of those days when you just knew that whatever you did... nothing... just nothing... was going to go right?  You know what I'm talking about... your team is about to clinch the match... and your up +7 in the last game... then... | Read More

    • Here we go, again?

      (Beat reporter: Mark LaRocca) Here we go, again? Is it me?… or is it that time really does fly?  Regardless, in the words of the immortal Ray Charles… “The game’s afoot.”… er,  that is to say… I get to introduce y’all to this y... | Read More

    • Woolloomooloo! BOS blitz BAL

      (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) “Immanuel Kant was a real pissant  Who was very rarely stable.” The mood was jovial this 10th and final week of the Blitz season.  I could tell almost immediately  they had hit the elixir a bit hard before th... | Read More

    • Blitz will Battle, BAL vs BOS

      (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca) "It’s the unconquerable soul of man, not the nature of the weapon he uses, that insures victory." This is it… the final match of our lost season.  But, still there is quite a bit at stake here… Don’t belie... | Read More

    • Damn Devil! Bos vs NE draw?

      (Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca) I have only one question after Boston’s (2 – 2) “no draws” draw with the New England Nor’Easters…  If you can’t trust the Devil, then who can you trust?  Now, I thought for sure we had this one in... | Read More