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Danny's Corner

Hey everyone! This is my blog...

I'd like to begin blogging on a weekly basis about my chess studies, the "journey to GM", life in general, and all things Chess.com! Doesn't that sound interesting? Let's do this!

    • Some Awesome Changes This Way Comes!

      Hi Chess.com Family, We are making some changes to a few of our regular content schedules / products and I figured the best way to inform you all of how much I love you was in a song (um, blog ). By the way, whatever happened to the days where i... | Read More

    • Time Control Changes... We Think?

      Hi Team-Chess.com-Members, We need your help! What's the topic? Keep reading! Along with improving the look, feel, and "usability" of Chess.com with our upcoming "V3" redesign, we are also considering making some tweaks / improvements to the ... | Read More

    • Chess Master Bracketology!

      CAUTION: I'm letting the "Sports Fan" in me out of the bag... just for a moment... here on Chess.com! If you know nothing about Basketball, sports / athletics in general, or how they might compare to chess (or if you simply don't care) than this b... | Read More

    • Nakamura's Knockout!

      I'm excited to announce officially via my blog that Super Grandmaster and U.S. Ranked #1 - Hikaru Nakamura - will be joining me, and all of you, on Chess.com/TV - March 5th at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific (GMT -8). We're calling the first (and hopef... | Read More

    • A Chess Movie Experience: My Role in Life of a King

      Me [probably speaking louder than I should]: "Hey, he's talking about the bishop but he's holding a rook!?" Director [whispering]: "What?" [waves hand dismissively] Me [definitely too loud]: "He's holding the wrong piece. I think we should cu... | Read More

    • Blitz Death Match: New Qualifier System!

      Publishing this important announcement as a blog because 1) There is just too much *actually important* chess news happening in the world right now (between Anand-Carlsen, European and World Team Championships, US Chess League, etc) and ... | Read More

    • The State of Chess.com

      Beginning next week, Chess.com plans to bring its members a new monthly segment on Chess/TV: The State of Chess.com (This warrants its  very own news posts today because it was missed in FM Mike Klein's recent blog post / announce... | Read More

    • US Champs - Chess.com for the Win!

      Hey everyone! It's been a while since I put on my "Blog Hat", grabbed a cup of Ryan Gosling, and got to work on making some ridiculous *cough* I mean completely serious and very well thought through predictions regarding an upcoming / major chess ... | Read More

    • Death Match 10 Predictions!

      Though I don't always get around to writing a "preview blog" for every Blitz Death Match we host here on Chess.com, I figured the first big event of the new year definitely deserved some attention! Firstly, I must say that even though I don't se... | Read More

    • ChessKid.com Goes to Nationals!

      It's that time of the year again! And I'm not just talking about the Holiday Season ! The United States Chess Federation is holding their annual K-12 National Scholastic Chess Championships this weekend in Orlando! ChessKid.com will be there,... | Read More