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TigerLilov's Blog

    • Play vs. Sicilian, French & Caro Kann!

      A good opening repertoire doesn’t need a great amount of lines to study, sothat you can be successful. Generally, most sources on opening repertoires for white tend to fall into one of the two categories: either they suggest popular mainstream l... | Read More

    • Pawn Sacrifice

      Hello everyone! Being a huge movie fan, I recently learned about the movie “Pawn Sacrifice” coming up this fall. The film is about Bobby Fischer and his famous match against Boris Spassky in 1972. Coming from a brilliant screenplay writer and ... | Read More

    • Secret Tip to Playing Better Chess

      What is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing? This is a question that many players try to ask themselves during a game, though they know this question doesn’t have a definitive answer. In today’s lecture, I want to show you my... | Read More

    • Tiger Lilov's Blitz Training (June 2015)

      Hello chess friends! It has been a while since my last post early this year. The truth is that I have been swamped with many things, so I couldn’t take care of my blog for a while. Now, I am back again and I will be posting and sharing with you ... | Read More

    • Surprising Opening Weapon for White

      Happy New Year everyone! In my new blog post, I wanted to introduce you all to a brilliant opening that I have been using against many chess players – both very experienced and not so much. It is one of the easiest openings to learn, yet it’s ... | Read More

    • Carlsen v. Anand Highlights

      Hello chess friends! It’s been a while since my last post, but today I wanted to share with you my take on the World Championship match between Carlsen and Anand that finished a few weeks ago. Many people are still wondering on what were the rea... | Read More

    • Attack with the Sicilian Dragon

      Hello chess friends! I haven’t had much time to post around the World Championship taking place. In fact, it proved to be a fascinating event and I will be making a special post about it next week. Right now, I would like to share with you a ver... | Read More

    • World Championship Preview: Carlsen vs. Anand - Part II

      Hello everyone! The start of the next World Championship match between the reigning world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger, the top GM and ex-world champion Vishy Anand is two days away! In today’s video, I share an intense game ... | Read More

    • World Championship Preview: Carlsen vs. Anand - Part I

      Hello chess friends! Today, I want to share with you the first part of my preview on the upcoming World Championship Match between the Grandmasters, Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand that starts on November 8th next month. I believe this year, we are... | Read More

    • New Lectures and Grandmaster Games

      Hello chess friends! It has been a while since my last post and today I want to share with you a few recent videos with some really interesting games I had the chance to annotate. The first video covers two great games played from the amazing GMs ... | Read More