Don't Overdo It!

Don't Overdo It!


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(my poem)

When I was a child and a teenager,

I had a best friend.

A mobile.

Instagram became my heart,

Facebook my breath,

TikTok my sexy world,

Snapchat my body.

I was famous because of hot photos,

fake smiles,

good filters,

bold outfits.

I spent many precious minutes,

happy hours,

lovely days,

long months

and also burning years on mobile.

The likes on my photos were my mum,

the subscribes on YouTube my dad,

the hate comments and dislikes other people.

The enemies.

I really hated a bored reality,

I laughed to everyone,

who wasn't trendy.

My family from reality suffered -

I ignored it.

My virtual family did everything what I needed -

I liked it.

My family from reality wanted to speak with me -

I ignored them.

The real family was for me nobody,

the virtual family, somebody.

Apps totally controlled my whole life.

I didn't notice the death of my parents,

'cause I ignored them all my life.

I behaved like a Golum.

My mobile was my precious.

I could not into real events.

I was nervous,

stressed without my phone.

One day, I turned off my mobile.

I called friends, parents.

Nobody answered me.

Nobody was at home,

in my life.

I was alone.

I was nobody.


Now, I'm a normal, old person.

I'm still crying for my real mum,

who was always kind,

for my real dad,

who always stayed optimistic,

for my real friends,

who always comforted me.

I thought the virtual friends are better.

I made a big mistake.

I wish to see my parents one more time,

just one minute,

one very important minute.

I wish to see my old friends.

I failed.

Maybe I had everything,

but I didn't have a true life,

dear love,

cute children,

big garden,

family house,

beautiful grandchildren.

I lost my mind.

I lost myself.

I lost my originality.


I know, it's not a poem about chess, but this poem and chess have something in common. We know that a lot of people spend too much time on mobile. They're watching some videos on YouTube or they're posting some photos on Instagram. The chess players want to be better in playing. They're devoting so much time on learning new openings, playing the chess games, solving the puzzles etc. Without any rest. When my rating getting lower, I should play without any pause, because I want my old rating back. Don't do that! Play for fun, with the rests and if your rating will be lower, take a breath and play new games tomorrow when you'll be fresh!happy.png I lost many games on because of tiredness. I know I should stop, but I won't afford it. When I'm not done with something, I sleep poorly. Don't be like me! I'm not the right example.happy.png What is a plenty, that is too much. Enough is enough.

Chess, Cube, Space, Chair, Horse 

I show you some games, which I lost due to incaution and tiredness. Sometimes (sorry, oftengrin.png) I play as a vacuous zombie.

Every chess player knows who is Bobby Fischer. He was a fantastic player. When he was a child, he trained chess so much, for example 16 hours per day. That's so incredible and crazy, isn't it? He didn't do something else. Just chess. He didn't have some computer analysis, he had to learn from books. He had to use only his mind. Learning from books is more useful than computer analysis. And why? Because computer gives you some analysis and you won't think about it. Remember that computer isn't your brain! Books are more effective, 'cause writers explain the problems and moves. Computer doesn't comment the moves, it only shows what is wrong. Bobby Fischer was a very smart and fenomenal chess player, he became a world champion, but he paid for it a health disorder. He went crazy. I watched a film about Bobby Fischer, it's about his chess life and mental health. Here's a trailer:

Now, I show you two Fischer's games.

Chess, King, Chess Pieces, Chess Board, Chess Game


In my last article Fabiano Caruana: An Inteligent Chess Master, I asked you a qestion: 'Why you play the chess?'. No one posted some comment, so I tell you why I play the chess.

Chess is my life. I can't imagine my life without it. I play it because it's the best sport ever, you just think. I play chess almost every day. I want to get better. I learn from books and articles. Chess is a healthy drug, if you play one game, you can't stop. This game has many opening, many end games, but we don't know everything about it. Caissa's hidding a lot of variants and secrets. We don't know everything. Chess constantly offers something new. I quote from the serial Star Trek: " It's continuing mission: Where no one has gone before." And that's the most interesting on chess. We explore new things.

My drawing skills on PCgrin.png (source: myself)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you like my article and poem, I'll be happy if you post some commenthappy.png

And finally, I ask you another question:

Who is your favourite chess master and why?

The best answer get a chess trophy.

See you later!