Fabiano Caruana: An Inteligent Chess Master

Fabiano Caruana: An Inteligent Chess Master


Do you know the second best chess player in the world? The player, who inspires the whole chess world? Yes, it's Fabiano Caruana from USA, an insidius opponent of our best chess player Magnus Carlsen. You can maybe remember their mutual matches on World Chess Championship 2018. They always get only a draw in each of 12 rounds. Fabiano has many achievements in chess, he is a genius. If I had to choose between Magnus or Fabi, I will choose Fabi, because I like his game style more. Magnus sometimes plays like a robot without a soul. OK, Magnus is a really great chess master but he's missing something important. Fabi is more charismatic, his moves are like a banana shake. Very good. He often hesitates and makes mistakes but it belongs to chess. It's human. Now, I show you one of many games, which Fabi played with Magnus.

Fabi has a chess account on His username is @FabianoCaruana. Fabiano said in 99 seconds interview that his favourite website is I started follow him last year. I often watch his games and it's fun. I learned so much things from him. I show you Fabi's game, which he played on, and then I show you one diagram from his game.

Do you see all variants for black and white pieces?

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I didn't have a chess paragon before. But that changed after I started watching more Fabi's games. Magnus Carlsen is strong, I have no doubts about it but Fabi's games are more interesting for me. One day, I hope that Fabi will write his own book. Alexandr Kalinin wrote chess book about Fabiano. It's called 'Fabiano Caruana: His Amazing Story and His Most Instructive Chess Games'. I want to buy this book. I could then review it for you.happy.png

And finally a short chess video:

Thanks for reading!happy.png I hope you enjoy my article. I'm sorry for mistakes, I'm not the best in English.

And finally (now really finallyhappy.png) a little question about chess. The best answer get a chess trophy. Take it like a stylistic formation, the consideration.

Why do you play chess?

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