Chess Masterpieces: Seirawan vs. Karpov, 1982
Anatoly Karpov came prepared in this game, winning with a knight and rook sac!

Chess Masterpieces: Seirawan vs. Karpov, 1982

NM SamCopeland

It's rare that the Soviets were out-prepared, but in a game preceding our featured game against Yasser Seirawan, Anatoly Karpov found his prepared piece sacrifice (likely prepared by Efim Geller) refuted over the chess board in fine fashion. You can see Seirawan's excellent notes to that game and our featured game in his excellent books, "Winning Chess Brilliancies" and "Chess Duels."

In this game, Karpov gets his vengeance, sacrificing first a pawn, then a piece, then a rook to force a beautiful checkmating position.

The circumstances behind this game were slightly odd though as it was a rapid game (G60) played for a TV audience. Seirawan argued in "Chess Duels" that Karpov should not then have annotated it for Informant. What do you think? Can a rapid game be as worthy of analysis as a classical game? I certainly think so, and I hope you enjoy my analysis of what I consider one of the best and most instructive rapid chess games in history!

I've annotated this game below in further depth. Check out some of the more complicated and pretty variations that didn't make it into my video analysis.

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