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Let’s invent some very weird pieces

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    That ruleset on the grim reaper does sound very interesting. I guess being limited to squares orthogonally adjacent to friendly pieces and not being able to capture and move at the same time might make it manageable. The part that worries me a bit with pieces like this though is that if it manages to block a pawn that pawn is pretty much dead. So in many cases moving a pawn to the 4th rank might be an over extension and each step forward becomes much harder. Being afraid of over extending pawns and not being able to have reliable outposts for your pieces would make the game really hard to play. Not unplayable and by all means some interesting dynamics, but really hard.


    By the way I also made a very different rule suggestion for the grim reaper in post #257

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    vickalan wrote:

    I missed evert823's idea about placing flags on a chessboard. It's a cool new idea for a win condition, and also a neat idea to use as a basis for forming teams.

    Pretty cool!

    Thanks vickalan. But how I put it so far will give us 99,99999% chance that each player will capture that flag which is most easily reached. I am looking for some limitations, for example only certain pieces can capture a flag and only certain other pieces can remove a stone.

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    Martin0 wrote:

    ...I have some ideas how the grim reaper could work.

    The grim reaper has no normal movement.

    Whenever an enemy piece is threatening to capture the grim reaper, the grim reaper can move to the square the piece is standing on and capture it.

    Players keep captured pieces as souls. A player may remove one of their souls during their turn. Then the grim reaper will gain all abilities except royalty and promotional abilities of that piece until end of turn.

    If a promoted pawn gets captured only a pawn will be added as a soul.


    Removing souls will most often be used like removing a bishop and then move like a bishop. Note though that it is possible to for example use a witch as a soul and then move another piece.


    I think this could be an interesting ruleset fitting for the grim reaper. At the start it is pretty useless, but nobody wants to approach it. The more pieces that dies the more powerful it becomes with its ability to harvest souls. You have to be careful with how you spend the souls though


    Ok, I went back to look at this, but not sure if I understand it.

    The grim reaper can copy an opponent's move, to capture it? (like it can move like a bishop to capture a bishop)?

    "Players keep captured pieces as souls" - means the grim reaper can gain the moves of the captured pieces?  If correct, does this happen as a move, or is it automatic?

    Sounds like a good idea even if it's not what you meant.happy.png

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    Souls is just a fancy word I used for captured pieces with the only addition that they need to be removed from the list when used. It is automatic. The capturing rule is almost, but not quite as you describe.


    Here, you can see that among the captured pieces, white has captured a bishop, pawn and witch, so those are the souls white can use. White can for example use the bishop as a soul and move the grim reaper to e1. This would remove the bishop from the list of souls, so after that the grim reaper can not move like a bishop again until he captures another bishop.

    White can also use the witch as a soul which would allow him to play Rxa8. Then the witch would disappear from the soul list and unable to be used again.


    Black can very similarly remove the queen as a soul and play a move like Gh2+. He would like to pretend this is checkmate, but since he used the queen the grim reaper can no longer move like a queen. Therefor white can respond with Kj2.


    The special capturing rule is a bit special. From whites perspective, there are 3 pieces that threatens to capture his grim reaper. The rook on a8, lumberjack on b2 and the grim reaper on h5. The grim reaper on h5 is only threatening to capture because that player has a queen as a soul. As a move, white can capture any of these pieces with his grim reaper. Either Gxa8, Gxb2 or Gxh5. So while typically making capturing moves like this seem to copy the enemies move it doesn't exactly do that as can be seen when capturing the lumberjack.


    From blacks perspective there are 2 pieces that threatens to capture the grim reaper. The knight on g3 and the grim reaper on a5 (the other grim reaper only threatening to capture because blacks grim reaper can capture). Therefor Gxg3 or Gxa5 is both legal moves for black without using any of his souls.

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    vickalan wrote:

    Then you made the grim reaper immune to death (or "non-capturable")!


    When we bring figures from tales to the chess board, I prefer that the new chess piece inherits as much as possible from the original creature. Killing Grim Reaper doesn't make sense since he represents death. But I also realize that the piece might become more manageable and playable if it could be captured.

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    What about a king+hawk piece. A kangaroo
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    Derrickzhou wrote:
    What about a king+hawk piece. A kangaroo

    It could be a piece stronger than the Queen in the opening and middle game.

    If the Hawk is Seirawan's Hawk or Musketeer Chess Hawk especially the piece is a hell on the board.

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    Pm ing vickalan about a new piece
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    I'm talking about the one that can leap 2 or 3 squares in queen directions
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    Yes, I like the hawk from Musketeer chess (jumps 2 or 3 in queen's directions).

    It is used in infinite chess in the Jäger units, and starts in a position which protects the rearmost pawns:


    Chess only has one leaping piece (the knight), so the hawk is a great addition because of its simple pattern.

    A king+hawk is starting to get pretty powerful - They don't duplicate each other so it would be a piece that attacks 24 squares. (To me - it deserves a name more powerful than "kangaroo").happy.png

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    the spooky knight

    moves 2 knight moves in one move. it can't capture on the first move and instead walk through it.

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    (I meant walk through another piece)

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    friedmelon wrote:

    the spooky knight

    moves 2 knight moves in one move. it can't capture on the first move and instead walk through it.

    Awesome! Maybe too strong ... is the 2nd move optional? Can you choose to make only one Knight's move?

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    I made a piece.It is the toad.
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    I made a thread for it
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    evert823 wrote:
    friedmelon wrote:

    the spooky knight

    moves 2 knight moves in one move. it can't capture on the first move and instead walk through it.

    Awesome! Maybe too strong ... is the 2nd move optional? Can you choose to make only one Knight's move?

    um... what do you mean "optional"? does it means "normal knight move?"

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    evert823 meant if the spooky knight can move as a knight or not. For example, can the spooky knight(represented by the plain knight) take the black pawns, or can it move to any square with a piece on it?

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    but if the rooks are black, it must capture it if it moves to there.

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    first move can go into the pieces, second move normal move.


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