Elite Chess Team

1 245 Anëtarë
22 maj 2012
5 661 Ngjarje Luajtur

Hello to all chess friends! We courteously invite you to join our preferential team of passionate chess players! There are many activities available in our community, and we mainly focus on live and daily team matches, vote chess matches, TMCL, TMCL960, KTML, KVCL, and OneWorld league matches. We possess an extensive selection of contents in our forum and news sections, encompassing chess and other items, which can be supplemented further. We have numerous GMs, IMs, FMs, and NMs in our club who can provide instruction to our members. Broadly speaking, we aim to make your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Finally, we highly encourage you to participate in all of our activities, along with daily team matches and chess games. Join us starting today.