Titled Player Masters
This is a official chess.com group for alerts on Titled Tuesdays. This is for playing and news. Titled Players Masters group is a group where all players and fans come together and chat about our upcoming tournaments and live tournaments not just the Titled Tuesday Event. Also we create tournaments where we have different tournaments for all the Titled Tuesday players so that after their Titled Tuesdays they can play again on the following Tuesday (for no money) and take home trophies and rating points. Also we have extremely strong players but you need to be in the group to play so join! Plus we will soon be beginning team vote matches and team matches! We have photos and videos about the games plus live coverage! We watch Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura play and win. So join the ranks of really good players like Timir Nabaty, Maxim Dlugy, Anton Demchencko, and many others. You can be one too. If you are a fan and you want to get in on the action we have a fan tournament and we have a tournament where you can play with the titled players! In this group you will join forces with other people from beginner all the way to Grandmaster. You can play team matches and team vote chess, you can talk with other chess players frequently discussing things on and off the chess board. You can be kept up to date with the news find people to play and you can also comment and tell us how you are doing. You can blog whatever you want and post anything as long as it is not mean or disrespectful to others. Anyone can join there are no restrictions to anyone. I only ask that you do not demote anyone from their rank and do not delete any posts they made because they would probably not do that to you. Anyway tell your friends to come and get on their computers and join The Titled Player Masters!