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I have created this club so we can have tournaments and you guys can humiliate and crush me badly *live* on my streams  
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Team Royal
Hello; This is The Team Royal   The club and the team for who that want to play professional chess.     *We are an international chess communit...
Brazil Capybaras Fan Club
Página oficial do São Paulo Capybaras Regras do vote chess: De forma a melhorar o desempenho da equipe nas partidas por votação e estimular as di...
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Team Utopia
WE PLAY VC, TM's and TMCL with other leagues. Feel free2 join A utopian society (/juːˈtoʊpiə/ yoo-TOH-pee-ə) is a community or society that, in ...
CKSS Spartans
This is a club for high school students.
FCA Costa Rica
Este es el Club Oficial de Chess.com administrado por la Federación Central de Ajedrez de Costa Rica. Únase al club FCA Costa Rica por medio de es...
Dynamic Dutch Defense
This is a group for people who either already play the Dutch Defense or who want to learn more about it. Rating is not important. This is a private...
The Waitemata Online Chess Club
The Waitemata Online Chess Club Find us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/310506654144318
Alexander Alekhine Chess Club
Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting our club! This club is dedicated to our great player Alexander Alekhine.  We have everyday Daily Puzzles    ...
DGT Chess Club
The Official Chess.com Club for DGT, Digital Game Technology. DGT designs, develops, manufactures and globally distributes a wide range of game re...
Zen Warriors
Zen is a state of mind. A state of being. We are the eternal warriors. Always seeking what we don't realize we have already found. We play chess to...
Chess Club Batumi_Nona
In dialogue with life, it is not her question that matters, but our answer! http://chessbatumi.ge/index.php?lang=ka
Santa Fe Litoral
Equipo de la provincia Argentina de Santa Fe y Litoral Argentino que participa en la Liga Argentina de Ajedrez y la Liga Mundial de Ciudades. Si so...
Rayos Azules
Club del canal JoseMVP
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Art Of Chess
Hi!  Your personal invitation to join our award winning group Art Of Chess! "While all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artis...
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Team Venezuela
Hola! Te invito a formar parte de Team Venezuela, somos el grupo que representa a Venezuela en la Liga Mundial de Chess.com. Nos gustaria que te un...
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Koziołki Kozoka
Klub od potężnego Kozoka streamera twitch.tv/kozok
Chess Goals
Chess Goals group for https://chessgoals.com
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Learn With Fun!
English Opening Lovers
This group is dedicated to the discussion and practice of all things concerning 1. c4. At the moment we concentrate on vote chess matches. We play ...