Get Better at Bullet

Get Better at Bullet

Master the fastest chess possible!

Do you want to get better at the fastest chess around? Learn from GM Aman Hambleton as he teaches you how to dominate in one-minute games. When the games are that fast, regular chess strategy and tactics are only part of the equation. Start winning at bullet today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • What bullet openings should you play?
  • When should you pre-move?
  • How do you flag your opponent?
  • Learn these tricks and more!

"Dangerous but cool." - Chess.com member atharvabist

Opening Traps for Bullet Chess

Bullet chess has exactly the same rules as slower chess, but it can have its own winning strategies. Learn some of the opening tricks and traps to help you win at the fastest time controls in this series.
10 min
5 Sfida

Flagging Your Opponent in Bullet

In bullet chess, the clock is always a big factor in deciding who wins. Learn from one of the world's top bullet players the tips you need to be the one flagging your opponent in time scrambles instead of the one getting flagged!
11 min
5 Sfida

Premove Your Way To Bullet Success

You won't reach your bullet chess potential without knowing the best way to premove both in the opening and when the clocks run low. Learn from the bullet master about this important feature of online chess.
8 min
5 Sfida

How to Checkmate in Bullet

What good is getting a winning position in bullet chess if you can't deliver checkmate? GM Aman Hambleton is back with more bullet chess tips about how to mate the enemy king before your clock runs out.
9 min
5 Sfida

Time Management in Bullet

Time management is an essential chess skill - especially in bullet! GM Hambleton will teach you some key tips and tricks to improve your time management and increase the initiative with your pieces!
10 min
5 Sfida

Get Better at Bullet

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