Learn the Closed Sicilian

Learn the Closed Sicilian

Learn to attack with a closed center in the Sicilian!

Don't want to jump into an open game with immediate tactics in the Sicilian? Try the Closed Sicilian, where White can delay a tactical skirmish and start a powerful kingside attack, but Black is not without good counter chances. This course will demonstrate everything you need to know!

  • Learn the key plans and tactics for both sides.
  • Practice thematic tactics.
  • Find the moves as super-grandmaster Ding Liren wins with the black pieces in a Closed Sicilian.

Learn the Closed Sicilian

Watch a video to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the Closed Sicilian, a slow-building opening, with many tactical opportunities hiding under the surface.
19 min
10 Sfida

Learn the Closed Sicilian: Thematic Tactics

Practice finding tactical opportunities in the Closed Sicilian for both Black and White.
10 Sfida

Learn the Closed Sicilian: Model Game

Grandmaster Ding Liren made the finals of the 2019 Chess World Cup and qualified for the 2020 World Championship Candidates Tournament. In the first game of the tournament, Ding defeated FM Shaun Press on the black side of a closed Sicilian. See if you can find Ding's strong moves on his way to victory.
1 Sfidë