Learn the Semi-Slav Defense

Learn the Semi-Slav Defense

Learn a safe and dynamic defense against 1.d4!

Do you want to defend against 1.d4 like a Grandmaster? The Semi-Slav is one of Black's best counter-attacking options against 1.d4 and popular at the top and club levels. Some lines are solid and others are among the most complicated in all of chess. This course demonstrates the key ideas and tactical motifs for both Black and White. Start playing the Semi-Slav today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn the logic behind both sides moves in the Semi-Slav Defense.
  • Learn thematic tactics!
  • Find the moves in an amazing Semi-Slav game played by World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik.

Learn the Semi-Slav Defense

Learn the essentials of the Semi-Slav Defense, including pawn structures, tactics and key themes to know.
14 min
10 Sfida

Learn the Semi Slav Defense: Thematic Tactics

The Semi-Slav can reach quiet or very sharp positions. Try to solve some of the thematic tactics that can help on either side of the opening.
10 Sfida

Learn the Semi-Slav Defense: Model Game

World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik was one of the developers of the Semi-Slav Defense and owns many brilliant games with it. Try to find his moves in this crushing win against former US Champion Arnold Denker.
1 Sfidë