Same Side Pawn Storms

Same Side Pawn Storms

Learn how to evaluate any pawn storm!

In this course, we will look at pawn storms when both kings are castled on the same side. This will serve as a great attacking tool but as we will see, it is risky if you do it at the wrong time. This course has problems with a huge range of difficulty, from 800 all the way up to 2200, so it will be a good exercise for players of all levels. Start pawn storming like a master today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Calculate attacking and defensive tactics!
  • Learn to evaluate if a pawn storm will succeed!
  • How to win with pawn storms!

King's Indian 101

Welcome to the course! The first couple of problems will be geared at showing you the result of a successful pawn storm.
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Storms for Space

We'll continue with another important attacking idea.
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A real KID Treat!

In this game White won a rook in the corner, but carelessly let the black pawns advance on the kingside, and he is about to feel the pain!
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Typical g7/g2 net 1

In this position, White is able to land a blow with the far advanced kingside pawns.
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Open the lines!

In this situation Black has put all the pieces on the queenside, feeling that his king should not experience any problems.
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Explosion time

In this situation, White has already successfully carried out a pawn storm to open lines to the black king. How can you finish off the attack?
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Attacking g7/g2 some more

Black has used a pawn storm to install a pawn on f3. How should you continue the attack?
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Lines opened

In this position, White advanced the kingside pawns to destroy the Black king's defenses. The pawn storm has already been completed, so how to finish Black off?
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White has just prepared to launch a pawn storm, starting with the last move g4.
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Open lines more calmly

In a typical Isolated Queen's Pawn position, White needs to figure out how best to continue the attack.
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Which pawns to push

In this example, White already has advanced one pawn very nicely, but it's a lonely guy.
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Weakened Squares

Black has reacted poorly to the pawn thrust we just made.
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Attacking a Champion

This is a position taken from game 2 of the 2006 World Championship match between Kramnik and Topalov.
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Attacking a Champion part 2

A few moves later some of the dust has cleared: White has opened the g-file but Black has tried to remain solid. How should White continue the attack?
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Attacking a Champion part 3

Time to conclude the pawn storm.
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No pawn storm

This is an example that shows that pawn storms are not always correct. In particular, there are a few such situations that dictate that a pawn storm could be risky: 1. if there is no clear goal, 2. if your opponent has as many or more pieces on that side (or aiming at that side) of the board then you do, 3. if the center is open.
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Pawn storm test 1

For the last four lessons, I will give you a move in the "About" section that involves pushing a pawn on the kingside to start a pawn storm. You will have to evaluate if it is a good move or not.
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Pawn storm test 2

In this position, Black has the option to start a kingside pawn storm by playing f5.
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Pawn storm test 3

In this case, Black has to determine whether it is correct to push forward with g5.
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Pawn storm test 4

In this position, Black must decide if it makes sense to play ...f5 with a typical King's Indian pawn storm.
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Same Side Pawn Storms

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