Spicy Gambits!

Spicy Gambits!

Spice up your life with the sharpest openings around!

Are you looking for more spice in your life? If you want to play fun, attacking positions with the White pieces, GM Simon Williams has just the recipe for you! Simon provides an exciting gambit against each of Black's popular responses, with many of the opening names being almost as fun and entertaining as playing the actual gambit openings.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Can the Caro-Kann with the Hillbilly Attack!
  • Learn the sizzling Delayed Wing Gambit against the Sicilian!
  • Fan the flames against the French with another Wing Gambit!
  • Dunk on 1...e5 with the Danish Gambit!
  • Perk up the Pirc with the Monkey’s Bum!
  • Skin the Scandanvian!

"This is a wonderfully explained and clever idea that puts the onus on Black early on to keep finding moves that don't get him into trouble, and even if he does, you still get a decent game. Like a mad scientist, Simon keeps coming up with quirky and outrageous ideas that don't seem possible, but then he proves his sanity. Marvelous stuff!" - NM and Chess.com member gbidari

"Keep them coming, Simon! I have had great success with the wing gambit against the Sicilian and now feel confident trying this against the French too!" - Chess.com member rahulmurdeshwar

Spicy Gambits: The Hillbilly Attack!

What’s the secret opening that impressed a young Magnus Carlsen? GM Simon Williams unveils the Hillbilly Attack, a crazy and aggressive gambit your opponent has probably never seen before. Learn the key ideas behind this shocking opening and prepare to relentlessly attack the enemy king!
23 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits: Delayed Wing Gambit!

Are you tired of boring chess? Had your fill of “positional rubbish?" GM Simon Williams would like to introduce you to what he calls the Delayed Wing Gambit against Black’s Sicilian Defense. Has GM Williams finally gone mad by recommending you play 2. a3? Find out in this wild video -- there's more than meets the eye with this tricky gambit.
23 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits: French Wing Gambit!

You’ve seen GM Simon Williams’ crazy gambits against the Sicilian and Caro-Kann, but how can you spice things up against the stubborn French Defense? Don’t worry — there’s a spicy gambit available against the French, too, and it will infuriate any opponent who wants to stick to the main lines. Simon will show you how to fight for the initiative and find ways to attack Black's evasive king in the French Defense!
21 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits: The Danish Gambit!

Do you want another spicy gambit option against the "safe and solid" defense 1…e5? GM Simon Williams has you covered with the aggressive Danish Gambit! Learn how to derail your opponent’s best-laid plans with this tricky opening, and how to create a promising attacking position with your lead in development.
27 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits: The Monkey's Bum

How on earth did this crazy opening gambit get such an unusual name? What exactly is the Monkey’s Bum Gambit? All your questions will be answered by GM Simon Williams, who shows you the brilliant idea “behind” this wild opening. Learn how to stir up an attacking initiative against the hypermodern 1...g6 defense.
16 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits: Hacking The Scandinavian!

What opening would boxing legend Mike Tyson choose if he played chess? GM Simon Williams thinks he’d pick a super-aggressive opening, probably one from the “spicy” series. Continuing to reveal his secret opening repertoire, GM Williams shows you his favorite ways to knock out the Scandinavian Defense!
18 min
5 Sfida

Spicy Gambits!

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