5 Cool Positions I've seen recently
Nice snippets of games I've seen as of late.

5 Cool Positions I've seen recently

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Greetings chess lovers! Today I wanted to show you some picturesque positions coming from real games with deep, study-like ideas. Enjoy!

1.Royal Entrapment

2. How 'bout I have the same position but without a rook?

3.Immortal combination
4.It ain't over till' it's over
The Ultimate Swindle

The books

For the first 2 examples I used Endgame Play by world-renowned chess trainer Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard. The book is not about theoretical endings (which are tedious, but important to know by heart) but practical endings with tactics, unforeseen zugzwangs, bizarre triangulation, delightful geometry and more. Improve your endgame skills, calculation muscles, and enjoy the positions!! 
For the second 2 examples I used Calculation by Aagaard. Which is another fun tool for sharpening your calculation with more middlegame examples.
For the final example I used Practical Chess Defense by Aagaard. This great book not only sharpens calculation, but enriches the reader with such stunning patterns such as stalemate in the middlegame! This book edified my defensive skills in chess, and is generally desinged around one a very crafty defender. This helps with recognizing your standard tactical motifs but in desperate situations as well, honing a particular skill which comes in handy in time trouble.
What I can say about Aagaard's books in general is that they make you work hard to solve, but it's rewarding because of beautiful solution from finely selected games.