Throw a Grenade at the London
A few sticks of dynamite.

Throw a Grenade at the London

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Today I wanted to quickly show a cool idea Seattle chess legend Viktors Pupols mentioned to me at a Reno tournament.

Against dedicated Londoneers who play 2.Bf4 all the time, 1...e6 is a clever move order. But not to play 2...f5 and head into a Dutch or 2...c5 and a Psuedo-Benoni... but something else entirely. It's not without merit, it's highly toxic. GM Aman Hambleton fell victim to this line OTB. (Admittedly though, he later survived and made a draw.)

White will be shocked and out of his comfort zone. This line is for anti-theory fanatics and creative players who play enterprising chess and strive for originality in their opening choice. Especially agains boring old 2.Bf4. 

Enjoy, maybe give it a whirl in a game or two.

Please don't play this against me.