Watch Out Benoni Players! (toxic London System antidote)

Watch Out Benoni Players! (toxic London System antidote)

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Afternoon everyone!

I know that many London players are deterred by the Benoni defense because it neutralizes white's typical play and takes the London player out of their comfort zone.

Not everyone is has enough time and resources to become a truly universal player who can play any opening. (London players tend to be devoted to their pet lines, as I'm sure that many will agree?)

Besides having to begin with 2.Nf3 then 3.Bf4 which merely defers the Benoni issue; what's a good way for white to combat the Benoni in the London? Several London devotees have personally reached out to me.

Here I'd like the give a practical response to the Benoni embodied my analysis which with correct online practice and study, should lead to enhanced results by the time the COVID-19 storm has cleared.

A quick intro: This line is designed to lead to a comfortable game for white but because it's usually not properly researched by Benoni players, I've set landmines which strong GMs have gotten blown up in. Worse case scenario, you get your equal London game. You don't need to worry about bolstering your space advantage or over-extended pawn structure so thematic in the typical London Benoni variations. Even though I'm sharing my analysis for both club players and titled players alike, I've been set on mostly including games in which strong grandmasters faltered as black. (Kasparov and Nepomniatchi, for instance)

In the critical lines you'll get a more powerful Barry attack than normal. In one interesting non-critical line, I found terrific novelty which guarantees a small but definitive endgame plus.

 The Antidote

Want to improve your feel for the London?

In my opinion here are the top 5 best London books and DVDs Series in aleatory order. I've blogged in the past of my experiences with London books which garnered me great benefit.
2. The London System with 2.Bf4: Reloaded . A Nice DVD by English GM Simon Williams.
3. Foxy 175-177: Play the London System, Complete set (3DVDs)- Chess Opening Video DVD by GM Ron W. Henley. I received this by a raffle prize at The National Open Chess Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada as of 2017. Right before the round I looked at the DVD and prepped one of it's lines and drew a much higher-rated opponent! Amazing story but shouldn't be repeated again as it's risky of course. 
4. Play the London System by Cyrus Lakdawala. It is one of the best books on the London yet and I purchased it immediately. I didn't regret my decision!
5. Winning with the Modern London System - Nikola Sedlak.  I'm still trying to expand my knowledge of this great opening as much as I can.
Good luck! Please share your opinions with me in the comments and/or personal message me. Questions are most welcome!