London System Marathon games
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London System Marathon games

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Here are 3 Beautiful London grinds that lasted all over 80 moves. The London can lead to a deep positional struggle...

The first game is played in a Correspondence game where white has a slight but incessant advantage and squeezed the win in a same colored bishops ending. Take note of the nice control of the c-file in the ending with 20.Rc7! Gaining Kingside space with 29.f4 and 32.g4. And the same colored bishops ending where black has his pawns fix on the wrong colors, lacked space and got into Zugzwang as a result.

The second game is between 2 moderately known masters Karel Hromadka - Karel Treybal. It was a game with a locked pawns structure and deep maneuvering. White successfully traded his inactive bishop for black's active knight, shocked his opponent with the resplendent 31.Qa4!!. which won a pawn. The next 50 moves was smooth technique where white's powerful knight dominated black's imprisoned bishop.

The final game a real melee` between 2 very famous masters. It's not really brilliant technique but watch the action unfold where Tarrasch declines repetition multiple times and over-presses as result. He then reaches numerous "book draw" rook endings but perhaps due to exhaustion blundered and lost! happy.png