Analyzing Jobava's Unconventional openings!

Analyzing Jobava's Unconventional openings!

NM 2Bf41-0

First blog post in over 4 months. Hopefully, you enjoy the blog and find these opening ideas of value.

No doubt Georgian GM Baadur Jobava is one of the most enterprising players from the modern era. One can learn many things from his original approach, from surprising his opponents in the opening, to get them to play uncomfortable middlegames, Jobava always makes his opponent's task in the opening uncomfortable.

These fresh opening ideas from the inventive grandmaster can liven your opening repertoire and give you interesting middlegame positions.

In all the games Jobava strives to take his opponents out of their comfort zone from the very beginning!

4.h3! in the Nimzo-Larsen

4...Qc8 in the Advanced Caro-Kann

The Jobava variation of the London System

Here's one of his model games where he destroys a 2700+ GM in a thematic fashion. The attacking beauty speaks for itself this game.