Exchange sacrifices | round 4 of Vezerkepzo June IM | Turzo-Neverov

Exchange sacrifices | round 4 of Vezerkepzo June IM | Turzo-Neverov

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In round 4 of the Vezerkepzo international tournament I played with 4 times Ukrainian Champion International Grandmaster Valeriy Neverov.

I got a small advantage out of the opening. I played the e3-e4 pawn break too early and allowed him to equalize. I got double isolated pawns which dominated the center and my position was better. Then I misevaluated a possible exchange sacrifice, which way he equalized the game. 

A few moves later I sacrificed back the exchange for a better endgame and he found a nice combination to force perpetual check.

Rank after Round 4 

Rk. SNo   Name FED Rtg  TB1   TB2   TB3 
1 2
AFM Fishchuk Vladyslav UKR 2253 3,5 3,50 3
2 8
IM Turzo Attila HUN 2312 2,5 4,25 2
3 6
GM Neverov Valeriy UKR 2455 2,5 3,75 1
4 4
FM Fule Simon HUN 2280 2,5 3,50 2
5 5
FM Lyell Mark ENG 2153 1,5 3,75 1
6 7
Nemeth Zalan IRL 2177 1,5 2,75 1
7 9
AIM Daroczi Donat HUN 2132 1,5 1,75 1
8 1
IM To Nhat Minh HUN 2331 1,0 3,00 0
9 10
FM Juhasz Agoston HUN 2364 1,0 1,50 1
10 3
Majoros Rozsa Evelin HUN 1957 0,5 0,75 0

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The games start at 3:00 pm Budapest time, which is 9:00 am New York, 6:00 am Los Angeles, 2:00 pm London time.

Today I will play with the young talent Zalan Nemeth from Ireland.

In the morning I was running with my daughter who joined me with the roller skate.

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