Chess Masterpieces: Tatai vs. Karpov, 1977
Even among chess professionals it's vital to develop and castle. IM Stefano Tatai receives a masterclass in chess principles from Anatoly Karpov

Chess Masterpieces: Tatai vs. Karpov, 1977

NM SamCopeland

Castle, castle, castle and develop, develop, develop. Sometimes being a chess coach is easy You just tell your students to do the same things over and over again until they do it! Except they never do it. Maybe that's just my experience though 🤷

Although we all know to develop and castle, strong players still fail to do so on a regular basis. In complex positions, it is easy to miscalculate or misevaluate and find your king caught in the middle.

IM Stefano Tatai finds himself in just such a situation against Anatoly Karpov when the world champion meets Tatai's piece sorties with a pawn sacrifice that creates a great deal of pressure and mounting threats. Karpov finishes things off with a beautifully oppressive queen move that leaves Tatai tied up in knots.

I've annotated this game below in further depth. Check out some of the more complicated and pretty variations that didn't make it into my video analysis.

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