Game 7 for the Grandmaster title - Victory against the King's indian

Game 7 for the Grandmaster title - Victory against the King's indian

IM AttilaTurzo

This was a game which I played in the year opening tourney in Budapest. 

My opponent was an old gentleman, an International Master Jevgenyij Boguszlavszkij.

In our last game he palyed the Bogo-indian defense and safed the endgame with his active king.

This time I decided to play differently and prevent the Bogo.

He played the King's indian defense which was a pleasent suprise.

Specially when He played an early Nc6 to provocate d4-d5 which gave me 2 moves and space advantage.

Later I got the pair of bishops.

I think he hoped to get the draw in an endgame, when he offered the queen exchange.

I captured the queen and then I miscalculated a piece sacrifice. I gave up a piece and after the 2nd move I missed his rook c5 move which prevented those direct lines I hoped for to regain my material deficit.

Fortunately the activity and my d6 passed pawn gave compensation.

Under the pressure he missed a tactics which won back the piece and we arrived to a winning opposite colored bishop endgame:

In the last game the opponent is Emil Szalanczy a senior International Master, famous about his attacking style.

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