The London system - good knight versus bad bishop

The London system - good knight versus bad bishop

IM attilaturzo
Aug 9, 2018, 7:33 AM |

In the classical e6 variation against the London system, black's light-squared bishop may appear as a bad bishop if the knights are exchanged on e5 and on e4 and the dark-squared bishops were exchanged.

What is the winning plan for white? If white blocks everything to increase the potential of the knight against the bishop, then black can build up a fortress and save the game.

White should open up the position, exchange some of the blockaders, which gives space for the bishop but also creates possibilities for the white pieces to penetrate.

In my last 15 minutes game, before reaching the good knight versus bad bishop situation, I had a wonderful sacrifice, which I recognized after I made the move.

Eleven moves later I did sacrifice my knight on the same square, but this time, black could have made a counter-sacrifice to win, which he missed.

I got a queen against a rook and bishop. I needed to play actively to prevent the fortress, but I made a mistake and it happened to be built.

I gave 20 checks and my opponent went for a pawn picking tour, which gave me a nice chance to go for his g6 weakness. After the capture of the g6 pawn I activated my king and went to checkmating him:

I wish you enjoyed the game and gained some new ideas which you can use in your future games!

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