My first post

My first post

Feb 25, 2018, 5:15 AM |

Hello Chess Lovers! 

This is my first post. I feel very determined and encouraged to write in my nonnative language. The reason for this endeavour is obviously my passion for this game. Nothing could attract my great interest to initiate a blog except chess!

I am one of the 1500-1600 rated players who want to improve their play in every phase of this game. I have read so many advices on about how to climb the rating ladder. There are beneficial tips on forums&blogs, so thanks a lot for providing these great contents for us. 

In my blog, I dare to introduce my study plan first. I am going to update the plan depending on feedbacks and experiences.

Here are the other contents which I’m planning for: 

-Own game analyses 

-Masters of chess who gave me inspiration to play better

-Tournament tips&experiences.

-Strategy section 

-Endgame puzzles 

-Book reviews 

The desired content might be super ambitious but I will try to do my best to accomplish this. I hope this blog will be enjoyable and inspirational for me and all chess addicts.