My Way through Success #1

My Way through Success #1

Feb 25, 2018, 6:11 AM |

Hello friends,

After publishing my first post, I am initiating an improvement plan as suggested. Here is the schedule for the first week. 


-TACTICS: solving 10 puzzles + 5 lessons from “Improve Your Chess Tactics, 700 Practical Lessons& Exercises” by Yakov Neishstadt on chessable.

-ENDGAME: solving 5 endgame studies from Dr.Victor Alexandrovich Pozharsky’s book on Chess (Turkish Translation Version: Etütlerle Kazandıran Satranç Ders Kitabı) + 5 Endings from “100 Endgames You Must Know” by Jesus De La Villa 

-PRACTICAL CHESS : playing two 10 minutes game and one 15/10 game (day 1,3,5) + playing two 10 minutes and one 30 min. (On days 2,4)

-ANALYSING MY GAMES : after each practical games, first analyse the game without using engine then compare my own calculations with the engine.

STUDY MASTERS: One game from Capablanca

BOOK STUDY: studying 3 examples in one specific topic from “The Complete Manual of Positional Chess” by Konstantin Sakaev and Konstantin Landa. 

I hope to succeed this plan and have fun happy.png