A Few New Series
Image courtesy of Chess.com.

A Few New Series


    Hello blog fans,

    I'm here to make an important announcement, the first of two or three, and one that I'm sure will bring even more dynamism and exciting content to this blog, and that will lay the foundation for what this blog will be after the first part of Everything Openings. This blog is getting three new series!

null     Just like these very varied (I'm assuming) TV shows, each one will be something different and new.

    Concrete Problems is a series I've announced before is the cousin of my Why Players Plateau series, in a way. Like its predecessor, it features a strong class-player perspective, but this time the topic is more specific: how do you learn to solve problems, whether positional or tactical, and avoid cracking under pressure?

    Learning from Shereshevsky is exactly what is sounds like. In this series, I'll revisit any and all endgames I've played and through drilling those endgames and the appropriate ones in Endgame Strategy, try to improve my endgame play.

    Lastly, My SCL Play is a new series under the Events tab which will be published most months as I chronicle my 90 30 games from the month.

    But I have one more thing for you that I forgot to put in in the original post: Reader Questions and Comments will now air periodically whenever I obtain enough interesting comments for a post. In that post, I'll respond in depth to all of the best comments from just under my blog.

    I'll have a second big announcement coming up in a few days, so stay tuned!