Annotated Game #4: A Tragic Almost-Mini in the Grunfeld
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Annotated Game #4: A Tragic Almost-Mini in the Grunfeld


    Hi everyone,

    Again I've missed the once a week mark by just one or two days, and that's been mostly because I've been particularly busy this past week. But now that summer is here, I should be able to make it up, and you can expect my content to speed up to as much as 2 posts a week.


Actual effort: not all it's chalked up to be.

     I'm running out of new games to annotate at the moment, having not played a 90 30 for about a month, but I have reliable sources of material from my Untitled Tuesday games and the club tournament I somehow made the third round of and I'll continue to draw from those in the future.

      Here's my game for you today. This game was from my only isolated team match in 2017, which was probably my least serious single event in the year. It's probably fitting, then, that I went 0/2 and hung pieces in both games.


   So, overall a pretty sad game for me. I outplayed my opponent and obtained a position which was just dead won and then proceeded to hang a rook when almost anything else would win.

     But I also enjoyed having a simpler game to help me get used to the positions in the Grunfeld so I could find my way through the chaos that can happen in this line.

     That's all for now. Thanks for dropping in, leave a comment if you feel like it and I'll be back with another blog post later this week.