Much Ado About Blogging: Plans for the near future
Picture courtesy of an off-site blog by "Raigan J".

Much Ado About Blogging: Plans for the near future


 Hi everyone,

    This blog is officially under way now and I feel like I could really get used to this. One of the best things about chess is enjoying the game with other people, and I hope that this blog can help all of us with that.

    In the short time I've been blogging, it's helped me tremendously in multiple different ways, but the most exaggerated effect has been psychological: I've been getting over my losses much more quickly since I started this blog.


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    First of all, I take back everything I said about not posting with any regularity. From now on, I plan to post at least twice a week, with once a week being the bare minimum.

    Moreover, I plan to start four series right away:

  • A series that takes an honest (and graphic!) look at what makes a chess player plateau through the lens of my own games.
  • A series that showcases notable annotated games of mine and comments on what makes them interesting.
  • A series that looks at everything relating to opening theory and preparation.
  • A series that showcases interesting middlegame exercises and positions of all kinds.