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Annotated Game #2: The Fog of Blitz
Photo courtesy of Chess.com.

Annotated Game #2: The Fog of Blitz

Apr 28, 2017, 8:15 PM 0

    Hi everyone,

    I played this game in the middle of the afternoon, when I was rather sick and was going to attend a 2/12 tournament. I think I got a fun game, and there's some more interesting stuff in there.

    I think it's interesting how in blitz, players often see just enough to make decent moves but not enough to avoid major errors. Even in 1400 players, there are ingrained ideas of "shorthand calculation" and "typical play" that allow them to avoid blunders and play in a way that makes sense even in blitz.

    Keep this in mind as you look over the following fun five-minute game of mine:

    Yes, this was a fun one. You'll likely see it again on this blog as it's very content-rich for a blitz game. Besides the Q+N vs Q+B endgame which shows up in one of the variations, the long, complex variation in the note to White's 25th move is particularly nice as both sides find multiple key ideas. Meanwhile the opening features a healthy dose to greed and some interesting plans.

    Enjoy! chesspawn.png

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