Groups for Translators!


Hi all!

We're excited to report that we are now VERY close to getting started actually translating page elements into an array of languages (see below - we'll be adding even more to the list in the future).

To make this easy to manage for speakers of particular languages, we've created a new Translators' Group for every language we're translating. That way, translating members will be able to work out language-specific issues without too much noise from other groups!

We also have a "parent group" we can use to discuss issues with the translation features - or anything else that all translators would find useful. Click here to join.

Ok! Here are the Groups for the languages we're tackling first... If you want to help, please join the Group whose language you know best. (The translation system is not really designed for users to translate into multiple languages anyway.)

Tell your multi-lingual friends! Thanks again!

P.S. The new translation features will allow you to suggest translations for individual items as you use the site normally; it's pretty cool. :)

German :

Italian :






Turkish :

Swedish :

Polish :

Serbian :

Czech :

Danish :

Slovenian :

Slovakian :

Croatian :

Bulgarian :

Romanian :

Finnish :

Hungarian :

Norwegian :

Lithuanian :

Slovak :

Catalan :

Ukrainian :

Filipino (Tagalog) :

Cebuano :


no slang translator?


or pig latin?


No Japanese? 日本語がありませんね?

No French? Pas de Français?


adamplenty wrote:

No French? Pas de Français?


Why isn't it on the list above?

Those are the 2 languages I have been trying to learn, so it would be good to have this site available in those languages.



Russian (

and Portugese (

also seem to be missing from the list. It seems somebody forgot to add them to the list.



Seems I somehow messed up a simple cut/paste. Impressive that I managed to lose items that were in the middle of the list though. :)

Fixed, I hope!


... and there will be more languages (including Japanese) added in the future, for sure!


I think this is a great idea. Can I suggest maybe adding it to the coding for all groups not just the ones above to translate for multi-lingual teams / groups such as WLHQ etc?


What about Chinese?


i hope persian adds to the above list soon

DeepGreene wrote:

... and there will be more languages (including Japanese) added in the future, for sure!

I have professional translation experience in Japanese and I filled out the questionnaire but no response.


@blackfirestorm666 - Ultimately, translation will be an option for ANY member (whose selected site language isn't English; we have that covered) :)

The groups are just for organization and dialog during these early days.

@shengyi, gol_sorkh, kagoshimachris - Japanese, Chinese and Persian (and others) will definitely be added as options in phase 2; we just have a few additional technical issues to resolve there first.


whats wrong with google translate. I have no problem chatting with people online because of it.

chessmaster102 wrote:

whats wrong with google translate. I have no problem chatting with people online because of it.

I have tried to communicate with people in Bulgarian and German with it and they say its terrible


then just create one for those countries that have trouble understanfing it with google translate not one for EVERY country that just unessecarry.


As more people seems to be joining the translation's group community as of late, may I suggest to pin this topic in order for it to stay on top? After all, this is an very important feature that wished to implement, right? :)


can people join to learn the languages presented not entirely but just the caseul chess lingo I'd love to analyse a game post-mortem with a strong spanish player who only speaks spanish plus I'd be more open to a wider wvariety of coaches since I'd be able to understand thos coaches who ONLY speak one language.


why are there two groups for slovak? they are the same language