Adventurous August: My otb games

Adventurous August: My otb games

NM scaryninja

Hey guys! Long time since I wrote my last blog post. Today, I will analyse and talk about some of my otb games this past month. I went to 3 strong tournaments. Let's start!

So, my first tournament was the Barber Invitationals. To play in the Barber Invitationals, you have to first win your State Invitationals. You also have to be in Elementary or Middle School. I was seed 9 or 10 this year. There are 6 rounds, and this year it was hosted in the humid city of Orlando, Florida.

That game tired me out. Round 2 was more or less a short game. Then, in Round 3 I stumbled. 

Round 4 was an adventurous game, I won vs a 2120.  And now we come to game 5, when I was the last game to finish.

Game 6 was very important, if I had won vs the top seed, I would have tied for first. But I drew, which is still a good result vs an IM.


My next tournament was about 20 days after Barber. I went to Indianapolis Open. I was seed 8. A surprising thing happened last moment... GM Lenderman showed up! But he didn't win the tournament.

Round 1 was an easy win against a 2000. Then, in Round 2, my pawn sacrifice didn't work out, but I saw a beautiful tactic at the end. 

Bd5!!!! After the game, my opponent said that he completely missed that. In Round 3, I was paired up against a strong GM, who likes to attack a lot. (He won the tournament). I don't think I stood a chance in the game.

In round 4, I was paired up vs a 2140. I had a stomach ache during the game, and I was in some pain, which is why I took a bye the last round. Nevertheless, I played a good game.


The last tournament of the month was Illinois Open which has strong players coming every year, and is an awesome organization. On every table, there are notation sheets, clocks and boards ready for the players. 

So, the first game I beat a 1884 in a QGD game. In round 2, I beat a 2015 in a dragon sicilian. In round 3, I was paired up on 1st board vs an IM. I won in 28 moves. 

The next game, I played vs an FM that I had lost to before. I was once again with the black pieces against him. I drew with a tactic at the end.

I was doing amazing with 3.5/4. That night, I played the blitz, I tied for first winning $100, when I was seed 4 or 5. The next morning, I lost to IM Eric Rosen. 



Overall Performance

USCF: 2255 to 2297

FIDE: 2092 to 2218 (They haven't updated it yet).

Thanks for watching guys!! Hope you enjoyed it.