Paul Morphy: Blindfold Chess Success
Paul Morphy

Paul Morphy: Blindfold Chess Success

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Paul Morphy was amazing at chess. He was the World Champion from 1858-1862. (It wasn't official). That was when he was at his best. But, he was playing in the late 1800's, where there were only club players so he didn't have much competition. People predict that his highest elo was around 2820. But, there was something that he was more famous for. Blindfold chess!!

How his Blindfold Career got started

At the age of 12, he played a game vs his uncle, Ernest. He won!

White: Paul Morphy Black: Ernest (Game 1)

Blindfold Events
  • Paris, 1858 (8b)

  • New York, 1857 (4b)

  • New Orleans, 1858 (5b)

  • England, 1858 (8b)

  • Havana, 1864 (3b)

  • PA, 1859 (4b)

  • England, 1859 (8b)

Some of Morphy's Blindfold Games

White: Paul Morphy:

Black: George Lyttelton

Game 2

White: Paul Morphy
Black: NN
Game 3
White: Paul Morphy
Black: NN
Game 4
White: Louis Paulsen
Black: Paul Morphy
Game 5
If I was Morphy, I wouldn't go for such a sharp opening as King's Gambit. Because he is playing blindfold and can't see the board, it might be harder to calculate lines. But he was a sharp calculator.
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