Candidate Moves Part 2

Candidate Moves Part 2

NM scaryninja

Hello everyone! Back to candidate moves happy.png

If you missed my introduction to them, go here: Part 1 Candidate moves

So, I will go over some games where people have been "in love" with one move, and have forgotten to look at other choices.


White, a 2570 played  38.Qb3? That was just one check, and the game was soon over. Guess the move. White didn;t consider Candidate moves, he just checked black, and then lost all of the squares that he had in control.

He forgot all about his past pawn here.

 Lack of dreamland here.

Those were some examples of games where 2500 and 2600 GMs like one move too much, and don't consider others. CANDIDATE MOVES ARE NECESSARY! 


1.  When you are calculating in crazy positions, think back to "CMAN".


                         2. Don't make it too hard for you, limit the candidate moves to a maximum of 4.

3. When you are practicing, use notebook paper to list out the candidate moves and variations. (Trust me, it makes it cleaner) happy.png


The puzzle from last time:

The Correct move is Qb2! 1. Qa1 fails to 1. Ng4!!

Again, if you didn't see episode one, some of this episode, might not make sense. Go back to see episode one here: CANDIDATE MOVES EPISODE ONE


1. If you have any games online or otb, that you had to use CANDIDATE MOVES in, message me the game or send the link in the comments. I will probably be able to include it in Part 3. 

2. In the comments, please tell me if you liked this, and what you would like in Part 3 of CANDIDATE MOVES

Have a good night, and stay tuned for Part 3!!!