World Team Championships: KAZAKHSTAN vs AZERBAIJAN
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World Team Championships: KAZAKHSTAN vs AZERBAIJAN

NM scaryninja

World Team Championships started a few days ago! They are playing in Kazakhstan. There are 10 teams playing right now. Today we will focus mostly on Kazakhstan vs Azerbaijan. I was very surprised to see that Kazakhstan pulled it off with the draw.

 I do have to admit, that Kazakhstan was out-rated, so I expected Azerbaijan to win. Today we will analyse some of the games in the match.

Looks like Mamedov isn't having an awesome tournament. He just crossed 2700, hopefully he doesn't go below.

At the end, it finished 2-2. Not a peaceful one, however, Mamedov (2701) lost to Anuar (2545) and Nijat (2627) beat Petr (2466). Both teams are very strong!

Now a tactic for the end:

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