"Is there a move better than that"? Part 1

"Is there a move better than that"? Part 1

NM scaryninja


So, usually we are making mistakes in a lot of different ways. Today, I will talk about looking for a better move.

This is just Part 1 of it. So, it happens when we find an awesome move and play it automatically. What we don't do, is consider other possibilities to play.

How to fix this problem: Whenever you are in a situation like that. CANDIDATE MOVES! They can help you list new options on what you can play.

What are candidate moves? Candidate moves help you calculate. For example, if you list two candidate moves in the position, you look at each one at a time, and look at different variations. At the end, you decide which candidate move will give you a better position in the variations that you calculated. 

Now, I know this was kind of short, but this is just the introduction to this topic. For the end, I will give you a calculation puzzle: 

Calculate both: Qb2 and Qa1.

Please give me feedback in the comments! I will be back with Part 2. The more comments I get, the faster I get done with Part 2! 

What Part 2 will have: A lot more information on this topic, tips, and games that fit in the topic, maybe even a little surprise that I will throw in.