Quang Liem Le wins Summer Chess Classic
The nation’s top ranked chess player Le Quang Liem (Photo: Vnexpress)

Quang Liem Le wins Summer Chess Classic

NM scaryninja

Quang Liem Le, finishing with 6/10 points, wins the first place at Summer Chess Classic. There were 6 competitors in the tournament.

Sam Shankland from USA

Gawain Jones from ENGLAND

Quang Liem Le from VIETNAM

David Howell from ENGLAND

Jeffery Xiong from USA

Dariusz Swiercz from USA

The Tournament started out well for Jeffery Xiong and for David Howell, both with 2/3. They were leading the tournament until the 7th Round when Jeffery lost to Quang Liem Le in a rather short game. Quang Le was winning since the 19th move!

That was when Quang Liem Le caught up to David Howell. Both had 4/7 afterwards. David Howell had 7 draws in a row after he beat Sam Shankland in the 1st round in a super complex game. Here are the end positions or close to end positions in those 7 draws:

Now, we will play a game. I will give the position in each of the 7 draws, either the end position, or close to end position. You have to guess the opening that you played. Cheat list will be below. Good luck!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

| Photo: Xiong vs Howell (webcast)

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Cheat List

Game 1 Opening: English Opening

Game 2 Opening: Italian Opening

Game 3 Opening: Gruenfeld Defense

Game 4 Opening: Petrov Defense

Game 5 Opening: Catalan: Symmetrical Variation

Game 6 Opening: Catalan Exchanged Line

Game 7 Opening: Queen's Gambit Declined

Quang Liem Le had a rather rough start. He started with 2/5: 4 draws, and one loss against GM Jeffery Xiong in the 2nd round. But then, he started winning some games. The first game that gave him motiviation to continue, was winning against Dariusz Swiercz in the 6th round in a English Opening position.

He Continued by beating Jeffery Xiong for Revenge, because he lost to him in Round 2, and then beating Jones, Gawain in Round 9. In round 10, he drew. Vs Gawain Jones, he played Ruy Lopez, as white. It soon got Dynamic.

Quang Liem Le Officially crossed 2700 again after this tournament. Jeffery Xiong is also getting close to 2700. There were some exciting games this tournament. But, I do have to say that there were less exciting games then in other tournaments. Some rounds all games were draws. I don't think there was even a round with 2 results that weren't draws. Well, it happens.

Final Standings

1. Quang Liem Le 6/10

2nd and 3rd. Jeffery Xiong 5.5/10

2nd and 3rd. David Howell 5.5/10

4th. Sam Shankland 5/10

5th. Darius Swiercz 4.5/10

6th. Gawain Jones 3.5/10

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoyed it! In the comment section, please tell me how this blog post was, and your favorite game or part. See you next time!