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Grandmaster Flash Loves Chess's Thumbnail

Grandmaster Flash Loves Chess

HipHopChess Nov 14, 2016

I had an amazing trip to DC to the Words Beats and Life Teach In. It was in many ways a test of focus and will. Essentially, I got on a plane Thursday at midnight, and touched down on Friday about 11 AM. Right before I got on the plane, I lear...

World Championship Round 3: Game Analysis's Thumbnail

World Championship Round 3: Game Analysis

GM RLH2 Nov 14, 2016

Wow!!! What a game!! Seriously looked like Carlsen had just a little edge after surprising Karjakin early on with 10. Re2 only to go 11. Re1. Karjakin defended admirably before Carlsen seized the initiative and improved his position. Magnus obtain...

How does an amateur beat a top GM?'s Thumbnail

How does an amateur beat a top GM?

WGM Natalia_Pogonina Nov 14, 2016

Publisher: Chess Evolution, 2016Author: Peter ZhdanovEdition: Paperback mediumPages: 256Language: EnglishPrice: € 24.95ISBN: 978-83-945362-1-3 How does an amateur beat a top grandmaster? "David vs Goliath" features 111 remarkable upsets suffered ...

My Coverage Of The 2016 World Chess Championship's Thumbnail

My Coverage Of The 2016 World Chess Championship

IM DanielRensch Nov 13, 2016

In addition to ChessCenter shows, airing after every game at 5pm Pacific on chess.com/tv - I am also reviewing GM Robert Hess' analysis (definitely follow his blog), adding my own "educational tips for beginners points" to Robert's analysis, and t...

Carlsen-Karjakin 2016 - Game 2's Thumbnail

Carlsen-Karjakin 2016 - Game 2

GM alexcolovic Nov 13, 2016

Similar to G1, white tried a bit, didn't achieve anything and then simplified to a draw. The warm-up phase is over, the real battle will start in the next game. A bit surprising though that Karjakin failed to pose problems in a line that Carlsen...

World Championship Round 2: Game Analysis's Thumbnail

World Championship Round 2: Game Analysis

GM RLH2 Nov 12, 2016

Round two saw Carlsen avoid the Berlin Defense, which is immensely popular at the elite level. Karjakin spent 15 minutes early, only for Carlsen to do the same on the next move. Both players were familiar with the structure, and after careful play...

World Championship Round 1: Game Analysis's Thumbnail

World Championship Round 1: Game Analysis

GM RLH2 Nov 11, 2016

Round 1 of the World Championship saw Magnus Carlsen press with the white pieces. Challenger Sergey Karjakin was slightly worse, but never in serious danger. After 42 moves, the game ended with a peaceful result. Please enjoy my analysis!

How Magnus Carlsen Wins Games's Thumbnail

How Magnus Carlsen Wins Games

IM TigerLilov Nov 11, 2016

With the World Champion about to defend his title against Sergey Karjakin, this is the perfect time to look at how Magnus Carlsen wins games. How is it that he’s able to consistently score full points against the best players in the world, even wh...

European Club Cup 2016's Thumbnail

European Club Cup 2016

GM alexcolovic Nov 9, 2016

Unfortunately I couldn't play this year, so I'm following the tournament from a distance. Take a look at some of the interesting fragments from the games - http://www.alexcolovic.com/2016/11/european-club-cup-2016.html

Incredible coaching offer for U16's Thumbnail

Incredible coaching offer for U16

FM alexsuper1987 Nov 9, 2016

Hi chess friends! I want to inform you about my new coaching offer for U16, so if you have sons with the passion of chess this is the right time to take a teacher ! U8 Offer --- Is your son under age 8? I offer a trial lesson with a special pric...

Game of the Week: The Plight of the Underdeveloped's Thumbnail

Game of the Week: The Plight of the Underdeveloped

ijgeoffrey Nov 8, 2016

We've all played that one game before: the game where you attacked too early, didn't develop properly, and then watched in horror as everything guarding your king was swallowed whole, with nothing you could have done about it. Most of the time, th...

Bad tie-breaks's Thumbnail

Bad tie-breaks

GM smurfo Nov 8, 2016

The recent strong chess open in the German town of Bad Wiessee was won by my Werder Bremen teammate, the Ukrainian GM Alexander Areshchenko. Areshchenko is perhaps best known as being currently the world's best expert on playing the Najd...

What Could Have Been?!'s Thumbnail

What Could Have Been?!

NM CraiggoryC Nov 6, 2016

Could've Would've Should've A big part of chess improvement is going over your games. My preferred way of going over my games is to first talk it over with my opponent (if he/she is willing). After talking it over with my opponent I'll try to p...

My Favorite Bullet Wins (2016)'s Thumbnail

My Favorite Bullet Wins (2016)

NM nOcHeaTiNgKiD Nov 5, 2016

I made a post 2 years ago on my favorite bullet wins, so I decided to make a new post of recent wins from this past year. From what I noticed, most of my good wins come from attacks as white and all seem to follow a similar pattern, so hopefully y...

Carlsen-Karjakin, A Preview's Thumbnail

Carlsen-Karjakin, A Preview

GM alexcolovic Nov 5, 2016

I find it difficult to predict the openings and their match strategy, but I do have my fears. I fear Karjakin may get too draw-oriented and that we'll get a highly technical match with a lot of draws. Full analysis at http://www.alexcolovic.com/...

Blitz Chaos's Thumbnail

Blitz Chaos

NM CoachJKane Nov 4, 2016

Hi Chess Friends, Today I hung my queen in a blitz game against a friend. Rather than resigning, I figured I could rely on the fast time control and my rating edge to give me at least some chance to recover. I ended up playing an interesting comb...

Eye-Candy Alert: New Visual Themes!'s Thumbnail

Eye-Candy Alert: New Visual Themes!

News Nov 2, 2016

This week we're excited to unveil six new visual themes to dress up your chess! If you're already on the new website, you can try them first-hand in Theme Settings, or check out the previews below. (Still on the old site? Click here to swit...

Unbeatable! Mastering the Art of Defense!'s Thumbnail

Unbeatable! Mastering the Art of Defense!

IM TigerLilov Nov 2, 2016

A common mistake among club players is to focus only on winning more games. The fact is, eliminating losses will help your rating just as much AND save you a ton of stress and disappointment! So how do you avoid those painful defeats? How do you ...

How To Become A Streamer On Chess.com's Thumbnail

How To Become A Streamer On Chess.com

News Nov 1, 2016

How do I start streaming on Chess.com? First, a streamer must choose a platform for their shows. Chess.com recommends Twitch, but you may prefer YouTube or another service. Create a free account/channel with the live-stre...

My Best Bishop Mover Ever..'s Thumbnail

My Best Bishop Mover Ever..

KID_Harish Oct 31, 2016

I treasure this win so much. I know I missed # in 1 and blundered my Queen. But the only point is the Bishop sac...     The rest of the game is not so important as I missed # in 1 and blundered my Queen. But the only po...

Karpov and Old Age's Thumbnail

Karpov and Old Age

GM alexcolovic Oct 30, 2016

A view on Karpov's recent outings. A sad picture for me, and a telling sign for the future of us all. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2016/10/karpov-and-old-age.html

Here are some of my Favourite Things's Thumbnail

Here are some of my Favourite Things

GM Ginger_GM Oct 30, 2016

In this short but hopefully sweet article, I am going to show you some of my favourite chess moves of all time. To add a bit of flavour to this piece I am will take a look at each piece in turn, and see what wonders they can achieve. The R...


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