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LuckyTiger's Blog

    • Find a move.

      In the recent rapid tournament I could not find an interesting idea. Wondering, how many members of chess.com can find it. White to move. (it's not a win, just an unusual idea, which gives White clearly better position and that we both missed). | Read More

    • Памяти друга...

      14 января не стало моего лучшего друга, лучшего друга моей семьи, лучшего друга еще доброй дюжины ребят. Умер Данил Кучеренко (http://www.chess.co... | Read More

    • E-book Attack with Black

      Gambit Publications issued the Kindle version of my "Attack with Black". Though, mostly it copies the paper book, it has one superimportant improvement. Those of you, who didn't know what to do against 12.a4 in the King Walk Variation, can find a ... | Read More

    • Forwarding S.O.S.

      Please read this and help if you can: http://chess-news.ru/node/11290 (English) http://chess-news.ru/node/11286 (Russian) | Read More

    • Feedbacks on my book

      I decided to place here a few feedbacks that different people from different countries published on my book Attack with Black. I'm very thankful to them for their time! http://www.chessvibes.com/reports/review-attack-with-black http://www.chessd... | Read More

    • A simul on ICC

      On Sep.30 at 1430 ICC server time I am honoured to give the simul on ICC. But it will not be a regular one. It's a thematic simul to promote my new book: http://www.gambitbooks.com/books/attackwblack.html that offers a complete opening repertoir... | Read More

    • A new book is born!

      Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that my first book is printed. There I offer a complete opening repertoire against 1.d4 based on the Benko gambit. I tried to analyze all White's major possibilities including 2.Nc3 or Zukertort sytem. You c... | Read More

    • A nice combination.

      Just a nice combination I have found on my computer: | Read More

    • Daily puzzles #39.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear chess friends! I wish your 2012 equaled all your hopes and plans! Last puzzle was solved by benusa. There the main idea there was an opposition! Let's see an analogic puzzle with more hard solution. W... | Read More

    • Daily puzzles #38.

      Merry Christmas, dear chess friends! I hope you have a nice holidays times nowadays! Let's see a trick from the last puzzle; White should win a tempo to avoid that trick that was showed in #36 puzzle.   New rooks endgames trick is here: (it's... | Read More