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Norway Chess 2017 Round 8's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 8

GM alexcolovic Jun 15, 2017

Carlsen showed a Champion's character today and won deservedly. It doesn't matter that he went close to losing. He refused to give up on a bad tournament and his courage was awarded! And Kramnik lost, another topsy-turvy tournament just li...

Norway Chess R7: The unbelievable miss of the World Champion's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R7: The unbelievable miss of the World Cha...

Erle Jun 15, 2017

Little has gone right for Magnus Carlsen in this year's issue of Altibox Norway Chess 2017. The world champion has suffered two losses, and his play has been anything but what we are used to see. With weak openings, weird looking decisions, unco...

Pioneers of Soviet women's chess's Thumbnail

Pioneers of Soviet women's chess

Spektrowski Jun 15, 2017

Small biographical articles written by Elizaveta Bykova in the early 1950s for her book Sovetskie Shakhmatistki, with relevant games and interviews if there were any included. Games annotated by Bykova unless noted otherwise. Players listed in th...

My nice...loses (lose no.1)'s Thumbnail

My nice...loses (lose no.1)

GM LuckyTiger Jun 14, 2017

Dear chess friends! Most of us used to recollect own combinations, that telling everyone about our unique tactical vision. But how often do you recollect own loses? I decided to break down this wall and to share with you a few of my loses. Here t...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 7's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 7

GM alexcolovic Jun 14, 2017

Mafiosi time in Norway. Three Giuoco Pianos and one Sicilian. Carlsen crushed, Vachier forgets and Aronian stomps the Minister of Defence. Full report here.

Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's attack's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R6: Avoiding (and exploiting) Fabiano's at...

Erle Jun 13, 2017

Have you ever panicked as your opponent castles on the opposite side of you - fearing the upcoming attack and not knowing how to deal with it? Their pawns rush so fast, your king becomes so weak, and in the end - you become so easily mated. I woul...

What Is Your Chess Story?'s Thumbnail

What Is Your Chess Story?

USChessFederation Jun 13, 2017

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." -Robert McKee Stories can entertain, inspire, and offer experiences to relate to. Through the many mediums of storytelling available today (books, videos, spok...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 6's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 6

GM alexcolovic Jun 12, 2017

Aronian marches on! He obliterated Kramnik and now leads with Nakamura, a full point ahead of the others. It is a rare sight to have Kramnik surprised in the opening and the effects were immediate. The game was practically a miniature. ...

Norway Chess R5: Opening principles's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R5: Opening principles

Erle Jun 12, 2017

If you blinked around 3pm CET yesterday, you probably missed the twenty first moves of Vachier-Lagrave - Nakamura. From pure memory and after some ten minutes, the grandmasters had shown off and played out their opening preparations, achieved a pl...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 5's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 5

GM alexcolovic Jun 11, 2017

No milking cows, no wins. That must be the conclusion after today's round. Several interesting theoretical duels though, Caruana improving on an old Ivanchuk analysis, Vachier introducing a novelty on move 20 and Kramnik zig-zagging the Si...

Norway Chess R4: Sergey's sneaky stalemate's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R4: Sergey's sneaky stalemate

Erle Jun 11, 2017

Round four of Altibox Norway Chess 2017 is said to be the most exciting round of chess seen in a very long time. It had everything: Chaos on all boards, a world champion veritably outplayed, a Levon Aronian on fire, Anish Giri taking a victory hom...

Norway Chess 2017 Round 4's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 4

GM alexcolovic Jun 10, 2017

Three wins for White in Stavanger after a lot of cow-milking and tractor driving during the rest day. The Norwegians surely know the secret sauce for producing more decisive games! Nakamura won deceptively easy against Vachier, Giri welcom...

Chess.com Dev Update: June 9, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: June 9, 2017

News Jun 9, 2017

Hey Chess.com! Everyone gather round; its time for another update! As with previous weeks, we've continued to make a lot of process with our major site wide project: Internationalization: More and more content in more languag...

A new e-book about bishop endgames!'s Thumbnail

A new e-book about bishop endgames!

GM LuckyTiger Jun 9, 2017

Dear chess friends! I am happy to announce, that my first e-book is issued. It is dedicated to problem of same-colored bishop endgames and offers a lot of analysis, explanations, exercises/questions, advice etc. So far it is available on Amazon (...

Norway Chess R3: Going natural's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R3: Going natural

Erle Jun 9, 2017

Have you ever tried to guess the moves of top players during their games? I know I have, and as the time has gone by - I've seen a pattern: There are very little hocus pocus! It tend to seem that like as long as you manage to guess the natural mov...

Free Simul with a FIDE Master (FM)'s Thumbnail

Free Simul with a FIDE Master (FM)

NM aww-rats Jun 8, 2017

For members of my video lessons group (2nd largest group on chess.com!), you may join here,https://www.chess.com/groups/home/nm-aww-rats-free-video-lessons then post a reply in the group forums that you wish to play: https://www.chess.com/groups/...

A Silly Game with a Cool Finish's Thumbnail

A Silly Game with a Cool Finish

NM CoachJKane Jun 8, 2017

Tonight, after I taught an online lesson, I played a few blitz games on chess.com. The game below was the most fun of the bunch. I didn't play great, but I really enjoyed the mating tactic at the end. I hope you do too.  

Norway Chess 2017 Round 3's Thumbnail

Norway Chess 2017 Round 3

GM alexcolovic Jun 8, 2017

Another exciting round in Stavanger, in spite of all games finishing in a draw. Anand showed his excellent preparation, Aronian and Giri went wild in the Ragozin, while the derby of the round didn't disappoint - the psychological battle be...

Hardaway siblings survive CONIC adventure in NYC's Thumbnail

Hardaway siblings survive CONIC adventure in NYC

ChessKid Jun 8, 2017

ABOVE:  Brewington Hardaway and his sister, along with a few other players from the New York City area, had to overcome a last-round venue change when the Department of Homeland Security needed to use their building.  Thanks to Ches...

Norway Chess R2: Picking pawn-problems apart's Thumbnail

Norway Chess R2: Picking pawn-problems apart

Erle Jun 8, 2017

The second round of the Altibox Norway Chess had the potential to turn out far more bloody than it eventually did. Kramnik, Giri and Aronian were all fighting for a win, and even though the Russian was the only one to take home the whole point - t...


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